Accelerate your career

School Four is an 8-week programme for students and new grads to land their dream job - 100% free until you're hired

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World-class coaches

All our advisors are at the top of their field and work for industry leading companies including Google, McKinsey and Goldman Sachs.


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Tailored programmes

We stand by you until you land the perfect job: networking, job applications, interview preparation and salary negotiation.


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Pay nothing until hired

No upfront cost. You'll pay a percentage of your income for one year if and only if you're hired. Fair and square.



Our coaches and alumni work at the following companies

Multiple company logos including McKinsey, Google, Morgan Stanley, etc.


Follow a tailored programme to land your dream job

  • Week #1 - Meet your advisor

    The first step of the programme is to match you with your industry coach. He or she will come from the background and firms you are targeting. For instance, if you want to become a management consultant, we'll match you with an alumni from McKinsey. If you want to land a software engineering job, you'll get paired with a former developer from Google. Etc.

  • Week #2 - Improve your resume and online presence

    Your advisor and the SchoolFour team will then work with you to make significant improvements to your resume and social profiles (e.g. LinkedIn, GitHub). We will bring the best out of your trajectory so far and turn it into a compelling story. This will trigger a step-change in the number of interview invitations you receive from companies.

  • Week #3 - Build an application pipeline

    We believe job application is about targeting the right opportunities. It's better to apply to 10 jobs you really want than to try your luck with 40 you are not really excited about. You will spend time with us discussing which companies to target, how to network with their employees and how to tailor your application to get an interview. Whevener possible, your coach and the S4 team will make introductions using our network.

  • Week #4 to 7 - Become an interview pro

    Once you have fine-tuned your application strategy the interview requests will start coming in! You'll work with us to build an interview preparation programme. We've got training materials for all types of interviews: coding interviews, case interviews, finance interviews, etc. You will do mock interviews with your industry advisor and the S4 team until you are an interview pro!

  • Week #8 - Negotiate your salary

    Most candidates we work with start getting offers after 8 weeks or so of working with us. At that point, our team will help you review the offer you are made and negotiate. This can significantly improve the compensation package you achieve and often ends up more than covering the costs of the S4 programme itself.

  • Dream job landed 🚀🎉

    That's it, you've landed your dream job! But things don't stop here. You're now part of a community of successful young leaders who will support each other throughout their career. Welcome to the S4 alumni network.


Start now, withdraw at no cost in the first 2 weeks

$0 + 7% of salary for 1 year

Start date: your programme starts as soon as your application is accepted

Duration: you will typically get a job offer within 8 weeks, but we support you as long as required

First payment: you only start paying when you receive your first salary

Alumni: you join our network of alumni and industry coaches who support each other throughout their careers

We're on a mission to improve social mobility worldwide

We believe the opportunities you have access to should not be a function of who you know. They should be a function of how much effort you put in. Come join us!